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    MycoGro® Hort

    MycoGro® Hort is an Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (AM) fungi product developed in New Zealand for the Horticulture and Nursery industries. Around 80% of the world's plant species form associations with these types of Mycorrhizae. These beneficial fungi greatly increase the effective rooting area of plants thereby enhancing plant growth, vigour, water uptake, nutrient availability, flowering, yields and production.

    MycoGro® Hort can be used at all stages of propagation, planting and with compost application.  It can be applied directly to the root zone or blended into the potting mix or compost. It is beneficial for a wide range of ornamental plants including but limited to pittosporum, kiwifruit, grapes, pip fruit, stone fruit, nuts, avocado, lettuce, chilli and tomato. Plant families that cannot be colonised with arbuscular mycorrhizae include Brassicaceae, Amaranthaceae, Lupinus, Caryophyllaceae and Cyperaceae

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