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    Weed Weapon Preventer 20kg


    Weed Weapon Preventer is used as a barrier to prevent weed emergence.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Will not harm plants and ornamental trees.
    • Ideal for use in raised gardens, amenity gardens, potted plants around shrubs and trees, chip bark areas and hard surfaces such as asphalt, cobbled paving, gravel and concrete.
    • Controls common weeds, including hard to kill bulbous weeds, prior to emergence.
    • Suppresses weeds for long term control, up to 3 months.
    • 20kg covers 1000m2
    • Safe for children and pets after watering in and left to dry.

    Active Ingredients:

    • 20g/kg Oxadiazon and 5g/kg Simazine in the form of a granule.

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